Disinfect Any Vicinity With Automatic Spray Disinfection Robot

The automatic functionality of any product is the key desirability among the users. The reasons are obvious accuracy and time effectiveness. While performing the disinfection manually can lead you to leave out some areas or germs. Because the human eye cannot see the microorganisms with the naked eye. This is because many viruses and bacteria are microscopic.

On the other hand, coming into contact with these microorganisms is hazardous and can lead to severe infections. But the automatic spray disinfection robot can help you eliminate these issues. It automatically senses the microorganisms and activates directly on the area which needs disinfection. You can control the positioning of the robot just by feeding inside the movement path.

The places that receive many people visits per day cannot ignore this device’s value. We have compiled some great features that will compel you to purchase this product today. Get insights on these features below.

Why Choose Automatic Spray Disinfection Robot?

Some great benefits and advantages will compel you to choose this incredible device. These include:

Effective Atomization

The atomization is the key to the effectiveness of the spray. The smaller the spray particles, the more uniformity of spreading you will be going to observe. An automatic spray disinfection robot can get a particle size of around 2 micrometers to 5 micrometers.

This site is what creates fog or mist. Bigger particle sizes will consume more disinfectant, leading to more liquidity on the ground surface. The particle size which the automatic spray disinfection robot caters to is remarkable. It maintains the dryness of the floor effectively.

IPS Screen

The IPS screen gives you complete control over the functionality of the automatic spray disinfection robot. IPS term refers to the liquid crystal usage between two glass layers. These crystals allow you to enjoy a clear image regardless of your viewing angle.

The colors of this display are also richer in comparison to the colors that an LED display offers. You can enjoy a more immersive experience with this IPS screen. Besides this, it also supports touch technology. You can tweak the functioning or adjust the operation by interacting with your fingers.

Dual Type Disinfection

The automatic disinfection robot provides support for dual-type disinfection. This includes static or single disinfection and rotatory or circulatory disinfection. In single disinfection, the above nozzles do not rotate. Therefore it misses some of the ground surfaces. At the same time, the rotatory function helps you rotate the spray-emitting nozzles. This way, you can achieve complete disinfection. Please note that the battery consumption in rotatory mode also increases but is not substantial.

Multi-Disinfection Solution Support

You can use any disinfectant solution in your automatic spray disinfection robot. The key solutions include sodium hypochlorite, peroxyacetic acid, hypochlorous acid, and hydrogen peroxide. Different solutions have different types of the end impact on the kind of hygiene you need. Therefore, this automatic spray robot will not limit its usability. This is true in terms of the disinfectant it supports.